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About the Author

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TO MY READERS ... In my stories, I want you to step back in history to significant times, events, and characters unlike those of the present yet not so different. My hope is that they will earn a place on your memory bookshelf, and that you might want to share them with others and maybe even dust them off and revisit them in years to come.       

As a student of history, I delight in connecting factual "dots," posing provocative questions, and taking readers (and listeners) to places they've never been and, in some cases, don't want to be. I also love the Lord and his people and all things patriotic, historic, West Point, Christmas, Dickens, and eternal. I also love traveling the world with my amazing wife and talking to diverse groups about my narratives and life experiences.

Born an Army brat, I chose to follow in my father's footsteps, the first of three brothers to graduate from West Point, and while there competed as a collegiate gymnast. Six months after graduation, I found myself one of the first in my class in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam, an experience that figures in my latest narrative, Sông Bé: A Legacy of Vietnam.


After Vietnam and becoming an Army aviator (fixed-wing) serving a tour in the Middle East, followed by tour in Germany, I decided to try my hand at being a civilian. In my last assignment (1973-74), my duties included being the Race Relations Officer for a major Army command during a very tense time in U.S. military race relations.

Thanking Uncle Sam for the privilege of serving my country, I  apprenticed with an engineering company, obtained a master's degree, and became a registered professional engineer. I soon formed my own civil-environmental engineering company which grew international in scope. Along the way, I was privileged to serve as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and as an assistant professor at West Point. Later, I sold the company to become a solopreneur, consulting privately and pursuing what had become a passion - writing historical fiction and poetry under the banner of RA Publishing while writing and co-editing screenplays with my son Richie Adams (, writer/director/producer.

On the consulting side, I serve as the chief strategy officer for Ion Power Group LLC (IonPowerGroup, an innovative eco-friendly sustainable energy company, I cherish my family, many friends (old and new), and veterans, and teach adult Sunday School, golf, ski (for a time a Vail Resorts ski instructor), bike, hike, and remain active in veteran and West Point alumni affairs.

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