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Critically acclaimed author of The Parting: A Story of West Point on the Eve of the Civil War; Eben Kruge: How A Christmas Carol Came to be Written; and, just published, Charlie's Ashes: A Greatest Generation Story.

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Gold Medal Award

(Military Writers Society of America)

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To be released fall-2023

Present day New Orleans - Richard Foxworth, world-famous architect and a Class of 1967 graduate of West Point, is confronted by something his wife finds in his old Army footlocker. It triggers a long dormant dream and his role as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Battle of Sông Bé during the Tet offensive of 1968. 

"In The Parting, Richard Adams has very neatly merged a wonderful view of West Point just before the Civil War with the national turmoil of that time, and in the process shows the impact of that turmoil on individuals from all sections of our country. Well done! My heartiest congratulations!"

Dave R. Palmer, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Ret.), former superintendent of West Point, historian, Distinguished Graduate of West Point, and author


"Eben Kruge is fiction, although it reads compellingly like nonfiction. Adams's writing has a formal tone, and it is easy to accept most of what he writes as truth. His skill at seamlessly incorporating verifiable facts into his story often renders the transitions into fiction unnoticeable. Between his dialogue and his descriptions, Adams presents a well-planned story that moves almost effortlessly. The text has been well edited, reflecting the care of a proficient writer and offering a stellar example of finely polished prose. Eben Kruge is an intriguing book, historically and creatively."

Clarion ForeWord Review

by Cheryl Hibbard

Five Stars out of Five  

"Charlie's Ashes—a story based in fact—is an absolute joy to read. Before I finished page three, I sensed chills running up my spine and the need to fight back tears. Charlie's passing hits Lombardo hard, and after living a century on this earth, he is determined to make one last statement.


Rich Adams, a masterful storyteller, keeps you guessing as he spins this tale, juxtapositioned with the chronicling of the lives of Lombardo, Beard, McCowen, and Gossen. These four men come alive again as the book's primary characters on their final two missions—one on a misappropriated bus and the second on a vintage B-25 WWII Bomber." ​

Doug Stauffer, PhD, Pastor, Colonel USSC Chaplain, Author of more than twenty books, including the Best Selling, “One Book” trilogy

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